Allocation of places by zone 

Medway UTC will allocate places within the zones and for the outside applicants by random allocation via the use of a computer algorithm that will be independently observed.

The remaining 10 per cent of places are available to those applying from outside the three zones. 

If not all of these places ( 10 per cent) are taken up then they will be allocated equally to the other three zones.

If any zones A, B or C are oversubscribed (that is if places remain unallocated after all applicants have been given a place) then the remaining places will be allocated equally to those zones that are oversubscribed.



Zone A – 30%

Rochester, Strood and Hoo Peninsula areas of Medway; Gravesham Borough Council and areas west of Medway.

DA110, DA117, DA118, DA119, DA121, DA122, DA123, DA124, DA125, DA130, DA139, ME1 1, ME2 1, ME2 2, ME2 3, ME2 4, ME3 0, ME3 7, ME3 8, ME3 9

Zone B – 30%

Gillingham and Rainham areas of Medway; Swale Borough Council and areas east of Medway.

ME101, ME102, ME103, ME104, ME105, ME7 1, ME7 2, ME7 4, ME8 0, ME8 6, ME8 7, ME8 8, ME8 9, ME9 7, ME9 8

Zone C – 30%

Chatham and Walderslade areas of Medway; Maidstone Borough Council and areas south of Medway.

ME1 2, ME1 3, ME141, ME142, ME143, ME144, ME145, ME150, ME156, ME157, ME158, ME159, ME160, ME168, ME169, ME171, ME173, ME174, ME185, ME194, ME195, ME196, ME206, ME207, ME4 3, ME4 4, ME4 5, ME4 6, ME5 0, ME5 7, ME5 8, ME5 9, ME6 5, ME7 3, ME7 5, TN157, TN158, TN159


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