Chair of Governors:

28Paul Charman – Chair of Governors, Delphi Diesel Systems

As the Technical Centre Manager, I am responsible for the day to day running of all of the test facilities and building services needed by the Engineers and Technicians to develop world class solutions for our customers.  I also have the responsibility for looking after the other functions, HR and Finance to make the UTC run effectively.

I became involved with Medway UTC in the preparation of the first application in 2012, mainly because I thought it was an exciting idea and a great opportunity for Delphi to become involved with the future engineers of the Medway towns.

Since we started the journey in mid-2013, I have been the Chair of the Governing Body which has been hugely rewarding in making the ambitions of the UTC a reality.

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The Governing Body:

The Governing Body of the Medway UTC comprises of the following:

  • Paul Charman – Chair of Governors, Chair of Resources Committe, Delphi Diesel Systems (Member of Academic Standards, Audit and Resources Committee). 
  • Andrew Brader, MidKent Training Services (Member of Resources and Audit Committee).
  • Dr. Karon Buck – Principal, Medway UTC (Member of Academic Standards, Audit and Resources Committee). 
  • Simon Cook, MidKent College (Member of Academic Standards Committee).
  • James Nunn, Parent Governor (Member of Academic Standards Committee).
  • Professor Alan Reed – Chair of Academic Standards Committee, University of Greenwich (Chair of Academic Standards and member of Resources Committee). 
  • Rodney Sutton – Chair of Audit Committee, Kreston Reeves (Chair of Audit and member of Resources Committee).
  • Les Wicks, Medway Local Authority (Member of Academic Standards Committee).
  • Lieutenant Colonel William Robinson, Royal School of Military Engineering (Member of Academic Standards Committee).
  • Sallyann Mclean, BAE Systems (Member of Audit Committee).
  • Louise Brenlund, Brachers LLP (Member of Resources Committee). 

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Governance Arrangements:


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