Principal, Mr Paul Cottam:Paul Cottam

Education serves many purposes, one of which is to provide you with the knowledge and skills that will lead to the very best life-opportunities being available to you.

Medway UTC is the provider of first-class education for young people, age 14-19, who wish to excel in the fields of Engineering, Construction and Design.  If you have a desire to specialise in engineering, be it product-design & manufacture, mechanical, electrical & electronic engineering or in construction be it civil engineering, architecture, surveying or project management then Medway UTC is mostly definitely the place for you. Education is about people, your aspirations and your ability to achieve.  Medway UTC offers an alternative way of achieving your goals. Our state-of-the-art learning environment reflects industry standards, and provides you the opportunity to work with and learn from leading professionals in their field of expertise.

You will be given every opportunity to be successful and graduate from Medway UTC with a portfolio of traditional GCSEs and A’Levels, as well as industry-respected technical qualifications. At Medway UTC, we are committed to the highest standards of achievement and attention to detail, our students seek to be the best they can be in their chosen field. We develop your ability to work effectively, both independently and as team members. Your innovative, creative and dynamic attitude towards working and learning, will ensure that you are both highly employable and successful in obtaining places
at universities or with employers of your choice.

I am privileged to lead Medway UTC. My goal is to ensure that your individual, and our collective success is at the heart of every action and decision made at Medway UTC. We will guide you as you lay the foundations for what I anticipate will be the start of an exciting educational experience that leads to outstanding achievements in the fields of Engineering, Construction and Design.

Mr Paul Cottam



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