Students follow an enrichment programme to broaden and deepen their studies and to develop their particular interests.

Enrichment activities include:


  • Guitar Workshop with Mr McGinn & Mr Kane
  • Chess & Puzzles with Mr Collyer & Dr Talukder
  • Basketball with Miss Broom
  • CAD with Mr Fry
  • Greenpower with Mr Griffiths
  • Coding with Mr Jalloh
  • Creative Writing with Mrs Silk
  • Craft (woodwork/metalwork) with Mr Halliwell


  • Joinery with Mr Holdaway
  • Web Design with Mr Jalloh
  • Maths help with Mr McGinn
  • Football with Mr Whybrow
  • F1 in school with Mr Fry
  • VEX with Mr Holmes
  • English help with Mrs Silk
  • Chess & Puzzles with Dr Talukder


  • Revit with Mr Holdaway
  • Greenpower with Mr Griffiths
  • Craft with Mr Halliwell
  • F1 in school with Mr Holmes
  • Forensics with Mrs Griffiths
  • Football with Mr Whybrow
  • Film Making with Mr Payne


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