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Medway UTC specialises in engineering, construction and design. The school is fitted out with the latest industry standard equipment with technical skills being taught to prepare students for careers in these fields, where there is an ever-increasing need for skilled technicians and graduates.

Medway UTC is open to all girls and boys in either Year 10 or Year 12 who wish to attend.

Located at Chatham Waters, Chatham, the school’s primary catchment area is Medway and the surrounding regions. Any student who wishes to attend can apply; there are however restrictions on the amount of students that Medway UTC can enrol. For more information please see our Admissions page.

Medway UTC does not charge fees and the costs are no different to attending a state school. All safety equipment for practical work will be supplied by the UTC. Students will only need to bring money during the day for food and drink from our on-campus café, however payment is made via our cashless system.

Medway UTC aims to give students a taste of working in a professional environment so the transition into the world of work or further study is as smooth as possible. The UTC will be a place where students can be more independent and flexible in their working arrangements with rules drawn from business etiquette governing their behaviour. Business courtesies will apply, so students are expected to be respectful of others and to work cooperatively through all tasks.

Medway UTC intends to be a small school and in its first year of operation will have only 200 students. This will eventually be extended to 600 students. Normal class sizes will be 25 pupils.

Medway UTC’s longer working day greatly reduces the need for homework as students will cover the necessary work during the working day. They will also have the added bonus of being able to ask their teachers and mentors advice straight away. Of course, our students are always encouraged to study their areas of interest independently.

Medway UTC welcomes students of all abilities, including those students with statements of special educational needs. For more information please see our Admissions page.

Medway UTC is subject to OFSTED inspection under the government’s framework, and the senior team are  working with our teachers to ensure that teaching is outstanding. We use a state-of-the-art pupil progress monitoring system to ensure pupils make outstanding progress.

This ensures we provide student support where it is needed in addition to keeping both parents and students regularly updated on academic attainment and progress.

Before we opened we were subjected to an inspection from OFSTED and passed a readiness inspection that includeded ensuring that all our processes, procedures and policies are fit for purpose and that our building is safe and secure.Furthermore, the Baker Dearing Trust is an active partner in making sure that the UTC is successful, acting on our behalf with central government to ensure that resources and support are available. The UTC movement is also closely connected to the examination boards that are developing specialist qualifications with us and are supporting their implementation.

Medway UTC has been generously supported by a group of leading organisations who want to see the UTC and its students succeed. Each has played a role in developing the curriculum, ethos and organisational plans of the UTC.

What this means is that everything about Medway UTC is grounded in real life situations and knowledge. For example, students will have direct access to current apprentices to discuss work experience; university academics to investigate their future plans; human resources professionals from large organisations for advice on building personal networks and creating impressive CVs.


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